The Mission of Queen City Montessori School

Queen City Montessori’s mission is to embrace Maria Montessori’s philosophy to assist our children with growing a love for learning and peace towards the world. 

About Us

Queen City Montessori is a non-profit preschool located in the quiet community of Plaza Midwood/Chantilly, Charlotte NC. We welcome students ages 15 months through four years into an environment designed to nurture the growth and development of each child socially, academically and emotionally during his or her first school experience.

Our school follows the educational philosophies developed by Maria Montessori, providing a carefully prepared environment of learning materials that entice a child to experience learning in an atmosphere of a peaceful community. We recognize the importance of an early childhood curriculum education and provide a Montessori alternative to children of all ethnic, racial, religious and economic backgrounds from the neighboring communities.

QCM was started out of a desire to bring more Montessori education to the Charlotte area for children in their critical years of learning. As more research proves that the ages of 0 to 5 are when children enter a period of accelerated development, this must be met with the provision of a learning environment that meets all their needs. 

We are committed to individualized education, allowing children freedom to develop at their own pace. We strive to satisfy a child’s need to know, to belong, to feel safe and secure, to develop self-esteem and to nurture the love for learning that will continue to develop throughout life.